Sea Turtle Cupcakes!

I saw this recipe on Pinterest and just knew that I had to make it for my aunt’s - who went to Mexico this year and released baby sea turtles into the ocean- birthday party this year! She loved them, as did everyone else!

This is everything that I used:

The recipe isn’t very specific on quantity, only method, which makes sense because it depends on how many cupcakes you have. Since it doesn’t specify what kind of cupcake mix either, funfetti it is! Yay! I got 15 cupcakes out of this box of mix (filling the cups up 2/3 full with an ice cream scoop). I bought about 20 of whatever candy I needed knowing that.

So, the first step is to mix your cupcake mix according to the box directions.

Pour it into paper liners. Again, I filled them 2/3 full (which is about 2 ice cream scoops for me).

Bake according to - you guessed it- box directions.

While they were baking, I mixed my frosting with blue food colouring because I wanted my turtles to be swimming in the ocean.

I ended up adding some green as well, hoping for a sea-like colour but I ended up with more of a Tiffany blue. Ended up looking sweet either way.

Yay! The cupcakes are done! Frost ‘em up!

Now the easy part is over. Time to make cute happen. Cute is not easy.

To make a turtle, you will need peach gummi rings, red and green gumdrops, spearmint leaves, mini chocolate chips, and a few toothpicks or wooden skewers.

For the bottom part of their shell, place a peach ring (yellow side-down) on the cupcake. I didn’t take a picture of this because I thought it was simple enough.

Next, take a red gumdrop, and cut it in half.

Eat the bottom half. Frost the underside of the top half and place it on top of the gummi ring. The shell is now done.

For the head, take the green gumdrop and poke two holes in either side of it.

Then stick two chocolate chips in those holes. The recipe says to add extra frosting in here but I didn’t find that necessary. 

Place that next to the shell.

This is the hardest part, at least it was for me. Maybe the spearmint leaves were stale, I don’t know, I don’t work with them a whole lot. Either way, this is what happens.

Take your spearmint leaf and cut it in half.

The recipe says use an oval-shaped fondant cutter but I don’t have that so instead, I used what I do have. A candy cane cookie cutter. Cut the half of a leaf like this:

This is the result:

The skinny part will be the arms and the crescent moon shape will be the legs. So your finishing product should look like this:

Yay!!!! Turtles everywhere!!!!!

I hope you guys enjoy!